The Dignatary

from by EH2



Her Illustrious Majesty, the Princess Marianna Laetitia III of the Kingdom of the North, had annouced her arrival to the Flatlands. Everyone in the Castle Town was ready for such big occassion, the streets were full of people waiting to see her, for she had been named the greatest beauty in all of the Ten Kingdoms. It was a time of joy, a time for celebration.

Little did they know Her Majesty hadn't intended to visit in friendly terms...


A long piece, the longest I've ever composed (so far!). Many people will guess what kind of music I was listening to when I thought of writing it!

At the point of release, I wasn't aware of the spelling mistake. These are the woes of being ESL.


from Slow Learner (HW recording), released July 30, 2014




EH2 Monterrey, Mexico

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