Perfume of Autumn

from by EH2



Hannah couldn't even recognize her grandfather's garden anymore. Countless leaves were falling from the trees, the scene colored with the most delightful shades of reds, oranges, and yellows everywhere.

In all her years living in the snowy tundra, she had never experienced the fall like this. Curious and full of wonder, she took a step into the lawn, and the lawn greeted her with the soft crunching sound of the leaves at her feet.

On the other side of the lawn, Bruno happily jumped in a pile of recently raked leaves, diving in and jumping out. Happily wagging his tail, the dog continued to play. "What a silly dog", Hannah thought. But then again, that was what she liked the most about him.


This is a scrap of an ongoing project. I was trying to evoke royal gardens, but in the end I got a cozy, slightly nostalgic song that was not good in the project, but rather well off on its own.


from Slow Learner (HW recording), released July 30, 2014




EH2 Monterrey, Mexico

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